Tips: Seeing if a string is in a List/Array ignoring case and culture

A short post on how to check if a list/array contains a string value while ignoring case in C#.NET


Klaviyo for DNN

Klaviyo for DNN

Teaching Shaun C# Part 1: Properties

So, I have a mate named Shaun. Shaun is an avid technologist that wants to learn programming but has no one to teach him! With me living and Joburg and him now in “The Land of Many Sorries” (Canada), I will be using this blog as a vehicle to teach my poor friend a bit about C#…

C#.NET and the WordPress Woocommerce API

Recently a client wanted a simple line of business iOS and Android app to handle the processing of tickets in a line. After sticking together a simple UI – complete with a QR scanner, I needed to tackle the real issue; The event/ticket data was located in a WordPress Woocommerce backend! This was a little…

Get Rid of Boilerplate Code with AOP

Recently, I decided that I was sick to death of writing DNN exception handling code. It is the same thing written over and over and over again Typical Boilerplate code: This might seem incredibly lazy but I have written that exact try catch block thousands (if not millions) of times. This alone is enough to…

Web to App Developer with Xamarin and DNN

A few months ago my boss came to me and announced that I was an App Developer! I felt pride and joy well up inside of me before realizing… I don’t know anything about building apps… I work at a small web dev shop in Johannesburg, South Africa. We quote on and build just about…

How to stop the browser from caching images

I came across this issue when building an “image manager”. The user would be prompted to upload an image, I would save it and change it’s name to a meaningful code. Problem is that when the page refreshed, the old image still showed. This was due to browser caching. The browser uses caching so that you don’t have to download the same…

Conditional C# Syntax

Different ways to write conditional statements in C#: Note that all the above can be stacked and use in many different ways. Your aim should always be to write elegant and readble code